unit 1:

hello! I am...

unit 2:


unit 3:

I live in...

unit 4:


unit 5:

is / are

unit 6:


unit 7:

Longread lessons

cat, dog / sleeping, running

walking / running

is / is not

flying / swimming

have / has

has / has no

big / small

big / small

long / short

animals / food

animals / food

unit 8:

english lessons for beginners

unit 9:


unit 10:

open the box


English for children:
not a translation, but visual interpretation!

     "Look at English" is the lessons for kids based on the direct object-sense method!

     It is a way to learn a foreign language like a native! Like little children learn to speak the language of their parents. Nobody translates words for kids using words from another language. Because the first: kids don't know any languages. And second: this method is not much effective, especially for children's perception.

     The best way is the Direct Object-Sense method. This is a connection of objects of the world with a language without the intermediary of words of another language.

     In our lessons, we do it with a detailed illustration, psychologically motivated visual interpretation of English words. For each of these words, there was modeled the context of the special sentences. They create semantic impulses that help students first to guess the meaning of words, then to memorize them more effectively.

     After a year testing, we came to the conclusion that this method to learn English as a second language is as close as possible to an intuitive way of learning a native language. Principally our English lessons are for beginners of all ages. They are for toddlers, for kids at kindergartens, pre-schoolers and for school children. And even for adult students who retained at least partially children's perception of the world.